warm winds blow 31/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Shosho’/ lesser heat, 7th July until 22nd July .
Micro climate ‘warm winds blow’ 7th – 11th July.

The winds have indeed been warm here on the East coast of Scotland! Also very humid….

I have been doing so much walking, around Edinburgh, with a heavy bag, my beloved protest/street artist bowler hat(I have to ‘carry’ on my head) and jacket (just in case)….sweating..

This micro-climate I have been in full ‘activate’ and doing pieces of pavement art all around Edinburgh in support of XR.

( I will create a separate post to document these actions!)

I am now remembering how easily people get wrapped up in all the activity and ‘doings’ when living in a city, myself included. This is totally different pace for me! I have to keep remembering NOT to get carried away in it all and loose the Earth. Occasionally I feel a bit homesick for the silence and space of the hill, but I know I will return soon and until then I am loving the anonymity and all the positive connections I am making.

This little lime tree on the Royal Mile has helped keep me grounded. The best pitches are on the Royal Mile and the heavily, touristic areas of this historical town. While Edinburgh is a fairly green city this stretch is void of nature apart from a couple of trees around this age…and the pots and boxes outside the bars and cafes.

In my eyes it really shone out among all the stone.
I spent alot of time looking at it and marveling as to how it grows like this, out of the concrete. I cleaned up the fag butts, chewing gum and general detritus around it everyday…leaving any organic stuff to feed it.

Sometimes I have just stood, under it with one hand (through the bars!) on it with my eyes closed, feeling it’s green, the change in energy under it and rooting down. And always feel regenerated! I do get some funny looks, but the thing is, in this city, especially near Fringe time, I am just ignored and dismissed as yet another bohemian nutter.

The crows, pigeons and seagulls here have been keeping a beady eye on me too…leaving me occaisional feathers for my hat.

Seems such a paradox in bringing this nature, this way of being, to the city.

I am shocked by how many people are so lost in their digital/work/consumer paths that they often walk right across my drawings….not seeing me at all.
The arrows here work, just like they do in an airport or Ikea….herding the ‘sleep sheep’ around. A suggestion from a fellow street artist.

Pavement art is such a different perspective.

Forming the usual close links with the homeless. Lots of jokes and laughter.

By getting down on the stone, unafraid of the dirt and filth of thousands of feet, there is an unspoken recognition of this shared, grounded, position in life.
It does not matter that I am an ‘artist’, I am simply seen as one of them. They show me respect even. One or two wanting to give me sausage rolls or even money!! Of course I refuse it!
Re-learning again that there is such kindness and compassion among those who have nothing….and also experiencing so much tangible judgment from the general public….tuts, unnecessary asides, and a certain anger in the air from many of these rushing bodies….another sad understanding that all ‘street’ people share.
Which reminds me that there is still a long way to go in this waking up of the world, has reconnected me with my wandering spirit and rekindled my absolute belief in the magic of openness and trust in my soul. And also the power of divine timing. Too many wonderful wee stories to share here….
Next week it will be my time to explore the free galleries and do more networking….a different city perspective…
So thank you tree for sheltering me….I will send your regards to the wider parks of the town as I wander….

Here’s a fun glimpse of the kind of shenanigans I get up to.
I was chalking bumblebees, outside the Quaker church. The guy from the Quaker reception said he had written a song about bees, Tone Persson had come from XR Edinburgh to help me and she filmed this.
This is a one take wonder and I had never heard the song before….but it makes me smile!

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