crow-dipper sprouts 30/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Geshi’/ summer solstice, 21st June until 6th July .
Micro climate ‘crow-dipper sprouts’ 2nd – 6th July.

I was not sure what a crow-dipper plant could be! Then I found this site which explains it all in a fun way…

The adventure commences….wrote this in my notebook:

‘Such intensity.
In tense city.
Led along by a kind of thread of TRUST, TRUST, TRUST.
Fluid, like water, so connected that at times it hurts.
How do people in such a place find each other?….
Magnetism or magik.
It is actually insane.
I hold this space inside my skin, in a new way.
A model for a new way of being human.
And I know now that this is felt and attracts like
This is not madness or ego…
This is the RISING….

All the shattered pieces are coming together,
In small oases of whispering pot plants and trees…
I am no stranger here….
I belong.’

‘It is interesting to me how someone openly looking for connection can so easily seem to others threatening. I simply do not have the need for personal space so many city people strive to preserve….I am a sponge. Letting it all in….my view is so wide….interacting with all with an animal awareness….the feeling of connection with others, unafraid and looking out is tangible!’

I stopped to pay homage to this ancient yew on the way down to Edinburgh.
It sits, by the side of the main road to Glasgow, at one of the entrances to Helensburgh Golf Club there, largely ignored. Some park workers told me it was rumoured to be about 300 years old…..I’d say it has seen more years than that!
At least that is what it told me….and spending time with it gave me the strength I needed to carry on into the unknown.

Our destination is also scattered with incredible, ancient, yews.
So many mysterious secrets in their dark forms.
This will be our base for the next 21 days or so.

Crookston House B & B, near Gorebridge, MidLothian.

My son and I will become daily commuters to the city. Catching the train into Edinburgh, every week day, at peak time, in that river of humans.
All quite a shock to this simple wild soul, but also quite an amazing privilege to have all this to return to!
Breath taking beauty…but, when I stand still, behind the blackbirds call and the scream of the rooks at dawn and dusk, the deer, squirrels, hares and butterflies, the roar of traffic hums behind it all, in a way that my ears have not yet learned to shut out….

Last night I was so shattered, by the energy of the city and the endless walking that I do, passing time in parks and galleries, sitting on pavements and generally trying to exist, without money, in this alien world, that seems all to be trying to sell me something….that I fell asleep in my clothes on the bed. I had meant to catch the rook roosting mayhem, the noise and a video, for this post.
At dawn, 4am, I heard them begin again and ran out, barefoot, in my nightie with my camera. They stopped completely and fell silent just before I got to the trees…but I picked a bunch of blue-black feathers from the ground, that lay all around under the rookery in the pines.

I think these are Cow Parsley, but the enormous Umbellifer family continues to baffle me! Both the pink and the white share the same leaf. They grow thick and wild here, with the nettles, under the trees.
Fireworks in the dark wood.
Other umbellifers that I have noticed are the enormous Giant Hogweeds growing all along the railway…..I wish I had pictures of these as they are spectacular!

Ending this post with a few snapshots of Edinburgh city as it slips through my eyes….spending a lot of time in parks and art galleries…wandering….never lost….(35 years ago I used to live here)….enjoying the gentle greens of Prince’s Street Gardens, right in the very heart of Scotland’s capital city, and exploring alternative art venues and cafes…

Next micro-season I hope to be adding some street culture of my own….just now kind of practising being alone in the city….loving the anonymity….and finding fabulous gaps to breathe in….

I think these works by Ryoko Tamura , in her ‘postcard’ exhibition @ Summerhall are my favourites from my gallery wanders so far…..100’s of other photos, but no space or energy to share more!!

All is so stimulating!

Suffering the overwhelm of being in the city….and feeling a bit homesick for the simplicity and ease of my own , humble, rough, little garden, with the big view, in the hills.

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