irises bloom 29/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Geshi’/ summer solstice, 21st June until 6th July .
Micro climate ‘irises bloom’ 27th – 1st July.

This will be a non-wordy post as I have ‘wasted’ so much time on playing with this idea.

Irises are blooming here! There are the beautiful, wild, yellow, flags waving everywhere around and I found this beauty struggling to shine in the lush undergrowth of my plot…now threatened by bracken, docks and and, a very lovely and loved, but invasive purple comfrey!
I must either move it or clear a bit around it.

I have always made my mandalas formed around ‘6’ (due to sacred geometry flower of life) and I do truly believe that ‘3’ is a magik number. The sheer syncopation of it, let alone the more ancient spiritual ‘patterns’ of it is enough to convince me of that!
So here is a flower that totally fits this contemplation.
A beautiful natural mandala.
I thought it might be fun to create a ‘perfect’ digital’ version of it, which turned out to be a very complicated thing to work out first time. I have learned how to do it now, but feel I have wasted precious time I could have used elsewhere….
Happy with the results, but forcing this ‘natural perfection’ into absolute symmetry has only highlighted how ‘perfection’ and ‘control over nature’ can never improve on our Mother’s exquisite, organic, forms.

So for the next few seasons I will be travelling to the city, in order to accompany my son for a ‘not to be missed’ theatre summer school opportunity.
Hoping to use my time there productively (I have already connected with XR Edinburgh bods) and keep up with these posts…but believe they might have a bit of different flavour….

So farewell to my blooming garden (praying that my remaining ‘boy’ family will manage to keep it alive!) and farewell to my tiny gallery under a this huge mackerel sky.
Already looking forward to coming back and working further on it and the eventual big reveal….

Leaving this post with a wee slideshow of some of the beauty all around….some of which I have planted…lots of which is just what I leave and allow to shine in this heating up sun….(it really does feel quite a bit warmer this year)….

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