praying mantis hatch 25/74

(working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Boshu’/ . Grain beards and seeds 6th June until 20th June .
Micro climate ‘praying mantis hatch’ 6th – 10th June.

The ‘wheel of wheels’ is greening up …

This is the closest to a praying mantis I find around me here!
Our indoor orchid has decided to push out one more flower after an amazing show over Yule.

Obviously this is not an insect pretending to be a plant, but a plant pretending to be….? Probably just the perfect bee platform, but wow….eh!?

This is the season of these beauties popping up in the meadow/lawn.
It always feels like a blessing. Just love them.
For a long time I thought these were Common spotted orchids, but now I do not think so. Now I believe these are Heath Spotted orchids,
Lovers of this acid soil. Something about them. These are fairly common, but here is a link to some of the other rarities that grow wild in the UK. I have seen Lesser Butterfly orchids around here, but not on this side of the peninsular. Something so sensual about them.

Seeing them made me wonder if this magic was happening out on the hill too, so I went out in the early morning, barefoot, to the ‘place of the orchids’.
They were everywhere….always feels special seeing this cheeky, short lived, display.

I began to notice some other quite ‘alien’ plant life popping out around here too….

Then there is this vetch….it seems to practically grow in front of your eyes…spiralling out is tendrils and seeking support from the grasses. Hanging on so tight, but not too tight. Heading for the light and catching rain.

Quite inspired to create some fantasy insects based on these plants, but all creative powers currently channelled into the exhausting, and mentally challenging, art-form of constructing a ‘hip-jointed, shou-sugi-ban cedar-lined, roofing-felted, corrugated tin, roof’ with a hand made window. Strong enough to go on a road and watertight.’

It is so harsh working with metal. I have not been having fun, and my learning curve is steep! Working up ladders for days…always leaving something up there, or down there.
Working somewhat intuitively, mainly in flip-flops, it is definitely going to look like I built it!
Getting excited about cutting out the original fibreglass roof of the box trailer, to get the whole feel of the trailer’s space, getting back to working with wood and having my feet closer to the ground….

A little seen track around these parts.

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