A bit of a review….June 2019

I was prompted by a call for submissions for XR related art to go through all my work and see what was still available.

I discovered that while I am constantly creating (and building!) there is not actually as much 2D, tangible, art as I thought there was!

So much of my time now taken up with the whole experiment of ‘being’…..and sharing the experience, rather than taking that into physical art, at least while I am building my tiny gallery…that and my commitment to the Treesister’s Japanese micro climates project (mostly photographic documentation and words) and 100 Days Scotland 2019 (all squiggles!) …. means that my ‘art’ has become more about documentation of the experience than in producing of yet more stuff in this world!

I am missing it though…..looking forward to doing pavement art in Edinburgh this July! And presenting my ‘squiggles’ all together later in the year.

Then the are the mandalas that just keep Rolling Om…this years ‘crop’ so far…in order of appearance…

There a quite a few new GIFs and experimental videos too…

This one is ‘work in progress’ in support of the Red Brigade’s work at XR Rebellion…a sktech for something else….

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