safflowers bloom 23/72

(working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Shoman’/ Lesser Ripening. 20th May until 5th June .
Micro climate ‘safflowers bloom’ 26th May – 30th May.

I meant to make this video last night…but life, oh life, meant that after returning from town, (from my son’s karate run and grocery shopping), I was too tired to finish this project.

But here I am, still in my nightie at 11 am, working on this now.

It is still raining.

It is curious to notice how the peace and relief I felt yesterday, at this welcome rain, so quickly turns to a kind of despair as I see my roofless gallery and imagine Scotland doing ‘doing the usual’ and this continuing for weeks, potentially!
My thoughts turn to those whose profession it is to build in Argyll and I tell myself to put on those ‘big girl pants’!

(A phrase used by Cali White in her fabulous ‘ Healing of the Burning Times‘ workshop I attended this last week also! Powerful stuff of life!)

A similar thought I have had once before this week, when I realised that the pitch of my roof was too high and had to dismantle all the previous work and begin again!

So in Japan the safflowers are blooming….
I have heard of the safflower. It’s bounty lining the shelves of most health and wholefood stores, but I realised I had no idea what it was! A cross between a thistle and a marigold it seems to me. And so full of goodness and with such an interesting and long relationship with us humans.

Here is the offering I began yesterday……and I think I will leave it at that for this season…..

  A spell is cast

It rains today.
Summer  rain.
No wind.
At all.
So still,
Only the gentle raindrops
Softly fall.

A spell is cast.

The droplets hang like diamonds.
The rain is come at last.

The rushing green is halted
To be decked with jewels so bright
And though the sky is gloomy
They sparkle in the light.
Even the birds stop singing.
Everything stands still.
The leaves droop heavy under the weight
Of their diamond frills.

The whole world seems to stop and sigh.
The sky is crowding round.
The shining flowers bow their heads
Their roots sing in the ground.

A pause in all the rushing.
A moment, still, in light.
No wind to push us onward.
We hang like brilliant diamonds.
We sparkle in the light.
Caught, pregnant with potential,
Hanging on is our delight.

It rains today.
Summer  rain.

No wind at all.
So still, only the gentle raindrops
softly fall.

A spell is cast.

Kat Robertson May 2019

The rain continues.

Hey ho, I am sure there are other things that I can usefully, and creatively, do with this precious time!
More round ‘Rolling Om’ style cooking perhaps!!?
My grape cake (sons said they didn’t like these ones and I could not bear to see them go to waste) and a favourite feta spinach pie….
Perhaps working on designing a door.
Something positive about designing doorways…..

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