100 days project Scotland 2019

Another project I have signed up for is this years #100daysprojectscotland2019

I was involved with this lovely project two years ago.
The idea is that one does something, simply anything, everyday for 100 days to form a collection that can be displayed.

Isla Munroe has organised a wonderful exhibition space, in the TENT gallery, Edinburgh, in previous years, and this will be happening again, probably around September time.

I had trouble last time keeping up with the days so this year chose to keep it very simple indeed (this fits in well with all my other garden/tiny gallery plans and keeps the creative juices flowing!)

I do a squiggle in biro pen. A very quick continuous line and then see what it suggests to me! Then draw that out. I try not to spend too long thinking about it or being precious about it.
Great fun and takes me right back to my doodling days. (My late mother was also a prolific telephone doodler, although hers were nearly always glamorous women!)

I share them daily on my public Facebook tagged #100dayssquiggle

So as we are approaching the ‘quarter’ mark I thought I would share ‘progress so far’ here as a gallery….another aspect of this prolific rolling om….

It actually really fun to see them all collected together like this.

Gives me a better idea of what I am creating here!

‘The bean that fell off the potting table and sprouted anyway’
GIF animation of how these squiggles are ‘born’

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