peonies bloom (18/72)

(working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Kokuu’/ Grain Rains. 20th April until 4th May .
Micro climate ‘peonies bloom’ 30th April – 4th May.

Going a bit cuckoo myself trying to keep up with this fleeting seasons!

I have been spending more time than I probably should (with so many other projects calling) on changing the energy in our home.

I have these occasional ‘feng shui’ learning binges! Spring ‘nesting’ really.

Here’s a picture of a wire and ‘shrinky dink’ sculpture that I have dusted off and re-positioned, (it is a very flexible sculpture), in the ‘children and creativity’ corner of my bedroom.

It was created as part of a 100 days project in 2017.

It is called ‘Birds off the Wire’ and was accompanied by other art works, referencing freedom, the meaning of ‘home’ and the refugee crisis….I was not very good at keeping up with all the days back then either!

(Always a sucker for a, routine-creating, brief, I have signed up for 100 days again, this year, with a Scottish off-shoot of this original project, 100 Days Project Scotland…..a lovely bunch of creatives that I exhibited this work with, 2 years ago, in Edinburgh.
Keeping it much more simple this time though….doing ball point ‘squiggles’ with my eyes shut and making them into something! Trying not to overthink it. Let’s hope I can keep up! )

Today I have seen at least 4 house martins scouting for nest sites around our house.

Thier arrival always make my spirits soar.

On May Day morning I went out, in bare feet, to wash my face in the dew and fill our bird feeder…..and I experienced stereo cuckoos….one behind me and one ahead of me! 

I appreciate their message in a bitter-sweet way these days….for, to me, they represent the nay sayers, those that push others out of their rightful nest….those that say we are crazy for being so connected….but, in nature, such creatures are rare….the majority lives in harmony with each other…..crikey, they were loud though that morning tho!

They start calling late too, after the rest of the chorus….as if catching on or not welcome to sing with the others.

I smile when I think they are just lazy and get up late (like I was….I had wanted to be up at dawn, but it was cloudy and uninviting, so I went back to bed!)

I am reminded that ‘cuckoos’ also exist and have their place within the whole pattern of things….that our world would be lesser without them… mini mission, though, is to wake up all the human ‘cuckoos’..and not take their comment personally! 

Later the early evening was truly glorious, so I went for a walk.

Lo and behold….there he was…..a cuckoo, shouting out with all his might!

In all my years living here, I have never seen one, except occasionally flying over, flapping fast across the sky! Such a gift to see one like this!

Look close and you can see his, exotic, red eyes…..

Quite a fitting end for this micro-season called ‘Kokuu’….(even though that actually means ‘grain rains’ )

“Cuckoo. Cuckoo”…..they are still calling now….perhaps simply telling us what they think of our human antics….

This webpage made me smile though….I was hearing them from both left and right!!

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