last frost, rice seedlings grow (17/72)

(working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Kokuu’/ Grain Rains. 20th April until 4th May .
Micro climate ‘last frost, rice seedlings grow’ 25th April – 29th April.

It feels now like the last frost has been.

Sowing seeds and planting out in the Rolling Om garden.

The wood for the trailer has arrived and work begins now in earnest.

It took one whole day to work out how to get the original rivets out! But I know now, so just another 32 to go!

I have cancelled my trip down south and the weather is good, but I do seem to find all kinds of ‘other’ things to do, as the job is really not ‘riveting’!

My milling friend informed me that the cedar was not windblown, as I’d originally thought, but that the forestry was chopping it down to make room for more plantation and he had grabbed it.

Sad, but he sent me pictures of the trees when they were standing.

So while devastating to think that these beauties were felled, it is lovely to appreciate exactly where my trailer ‘grew’ from and it makes me even more dedicated to create something wonder full in their remembrance.

I am now regularly walking out to ‘my’ sacred knoll, spending time there talking with the old oaks, absorbing the changes and returning home nourished, inspired and refreshed.

I took two pot grown ‘babies’ out there to plant and ‘complete the circle’.

I sat there for a few hours and came back, only to find that I had brought back with me 7 ticks in the back of my knees!

Note to self….in Argyll, always wear boots and tuck yer trousers into your socks when out on the hill! However ‘summery’ it feels!

(I do love seeing the deer, but they are the ones that carry these wee blighters and I sincerely hope they leave my tiny oaks alone!)

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