first rainbows (15/72)

(working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Seimei’/ Pure and clear 5th April until 19th April .
Micro climate ‘first rainbows’ 15th April – 19th April.

As this year progresses I am even more certain that lots of spring plants were very early. I have been comparing photos from last year, and the year before, throughout this experiment, and, certainly, the spring blooms were much earlier, but now that we have reached blossom time it seems we are catching up! The dandelions are up and almost salad worthy. The ferns are poking out.
I still have not seen a swallow, but a friend, who lives close to here, saw her first just yesterday so they are on their way. The tree leaf buds are further on though…..I put it down to the erratic nature of the weather now. We did have an unseasonably warm spell in February this year!
It was Primrose Day on the 19th (in honour of Disraeli, apparently, who loved them, and they are certainly at their best right now.)

The lack of rain continues, so no rainbows either (although there were lots, I noticed, last year at this time), but the wind has died down and things are really beginning to heat up.

I have been building styles and making accesses. Both internally and out.
Overcoming barriers.
Connecting places in this landscape.

The fallen tree, on the sacred knoll, is not an oak as I first thought on a quick look… is a huge rowan!
Most of it appears to be dead, so I feel I can still use it for my ‘future grove’ fires and seats. Very special.
But I am going to leave the few, big, branches that are budding and perhaps they will grow into a living seat which would also be very special!

My tiny gallery is a bit delayed and this panics me slightly.
This is mainly due to finding the perfect source for my beautiful wood and the time it takes to mill, dry and plane it. There is , of course, no real need to panic. All in divine and perfect order. This was the year for building this long held dream and I am doing it. I might as well do it properly, not too bound by schedules and plans.
As long as it is open and ready for business in August, it will still be a great achievement!

Cedar. It smells so divine.
A North American ‘Tree of Life’ and the Norse ‘Grandmother Tree’. Jupiter is my planet and I do love the sun! (there are some contradictions in this article!) And, according to this link, my tiny gallery will be well protected and I do hope it will draw people in….

I also significantly saw a pair of goldfinches just yesterday……

My Earth turtle has developed a bit, going to let nature green it anyway she desires, looking forward to seeing what comes up!

Bought the alpines for the ‘rolling’ garden-wheel and bee-bombed it all with wild flower seed….looking greener by the day. I will share better pictures in a later post.

Still having to water daily as no rain, but enjoying sitting in it to meditate these glorious mornings.

Heard the first cuckoo this micro-season while doing this.

I did this kookie, wee, vocal experiment to share what I thought, for a moment I could hear in the dawn chorus yesterday.

(Yay! Now I just saw the first swallow out the window as I was typing this!)

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