wild geese fly north (14/72)

(working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Seimei’/ Pure and clear 5th April until 19th April .
Micro climate ‘wild geese fly north’ 10th April – 14th April.

The geese would have a job flying North these last few days….. these dry, Easterly winds continue unabated….and they are freezing!

(The geese are still here though, grazing in the fields around. I meant to take a picture, but got blown off course!)

Still crystal clear days, but everything is wilting in this blast from the East.

It carries the kind of cold that gets into your bones.

I made this gif of the wind in the willows as they bend and flex.

I guess that is what we all must do too.

Cultivate flexibility.

There has still been no rain, so I have to water everyday. 2 weeks now. Our hill water supply is under threat now…freezing drought conditions….so, what began as a welcome respite from Argyll’s usual dampness, is turning extreme.

The wind even uprooted a transplanted, mature gooseberry plant and I had to catch it, as it rolled like tumbleweed, across our lawn!

And sadly a few more of the big sitka in the forestry behind our house have also fallen…

The forecast suggests we may get some rain soon and that these winds might begin to calm down. Here’s hoping!

I have now got my new crabapple tree, Malus hupehensis, (or ‘Tea crab Apple’ as the leaves are used for tea in China) for the centre of my garden….poor little thing…I bet it is pining for the potted shelter of the plant nursery! It is ‘Argyll hardened’ though, so fingers crossed it can survive this beating. It has a long way to go before it is the prolific blossoming, spreading beauty that I envision….but it is now in….with prayers and a rainbow moonstone buried beneath it.

The turtle shell I placed there has inspired me to build an Earth Turtle at its base…’swimming’ east to west….around the world, so eventually it will look like a turtle with a tree growing out of its back….this piece of driftwood looks very like a turtle’s head! Just need to build up the shell, seed it and create the fins somehow….

Too windy to begin work on the tiny gallery…..

So, this morning, with the wind howling outside, I played around, on Photoshop, with a ‘sketch’ idea I am working up from a workshop vision board I created recently. This idea is growing and growing….beginning to see that it will form the basis for the pavement art I intend to do in Edinburgh during July…

I call it ‘Have you heard it yet?’.

Other notable, natural ‘diary’ events this micro-season include seeing roe deer, most mornings, in the field behind our house, (I guess they are coming down off the hill now as the grazing is so dry up there and for the mating season?), the Lesser spotted woodpecker has returned to our bird table and a pair of sea eagles are checking out a tree near my Dad’s house. The community FB page informs me that they have returned to the, well guarded, nesting site near here also.

We sometimes see them flying over out garden so time to keep an eye out.

The first lambs are beginning to appear…this ‘lamb’ we spotted today though confused us for a moment!

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