swallows return (13/72)

(working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Seimei’/ Pure and clear 5th April until 19th April .
Micro climate ‘swallows return’ 5th April – 9th April.

I saw my Dad today and he said the swallows normally arrive here around the 19th-20th of April….he is a consummate gardener and recorder of such details, so I am expecting them then. So no swallows just yet, but ‘pure and clear’ would be an understatement.

This has been the kind of weather I almost feel we do not deserve.

The light, so crystal and absolutely heavenly. Argyll is showing off and this is when we all remember why we live here. Truly breath taking beauty.

Not a cloud in the sky for days on end.

The water is calling, but as the temperature is still barely rising over 9°, I have not yet braved a swim.

The blackthorn continues to shine….

My wee ‘wheel’ garden is nearly complete. Transplanting done, seeds sown and a pilgrimage to buy the perfect crabapple tree, for the centre of it, planned for Friday. More rockery plants also planned, in the next weeks, from a local friend’s nursery. It still looks a bit raw, but looking forward now to seeing it all ‘grow in’….it has been a real labour of love and is a lovely place to sit and watch the crows, hawks and stars.

Yesterday a rainbow moonstone, I had ordered for Polly Higgins, arrived and I set it in pure spring water in the centre of this ‘medicine’ wheel to soak up the sun and starlight…to charge before I send it to her tomorrow.

Then there are the tiny moments that resonate and call to me….. moths and serpentine.

Moths and serpentine.

Sometimes the things that catch your eye
Do so as they are too still and perfect.
On the white painted doorframe…trying to look like a small branch…
Unable to hide against the glossy glare.
Flame Moth. Axylia putris.
What is your message for me?
Nothing online to explain your name, except perhaps the fact that you are so drawn to the light.
Not an unusual moth, but the first time I have ever really seen you.
Common as far away as Japan.
How your tiny legs clung to my finger as I admired your tight folded camouflage.
I felt worried for you as I released you again into the night.
A tiny flame flying through the dark night sky.

And then , when we were digging out the river gravel,
A green flash caught the light.
I thought, at first, you were a quartz, gone green from life in the river,
But, after scrubbing hard, I realised this was your natural hue.
Lizardite serpentine would be the most probable identification,
and that would connect with all the lizard,
Dreamtime, energy I have been encountering recently.
And I find it hard not to see some elemental spirits
Staring back at me….
I will sleep with you under my pillow
And see what dreams you gift to me…..
Thank you for these encounters,
They enrich my being.

All this garden building and tiny gallery design/build preparation leave precious little time, or energy, for pure, creative, play…but the plans are proceeding well, if a little behind schedule….and this is still a different way of creating…..

I went to order my wood today.

It was such a wonder full drive that I gave up on the camera preferring just to be a tiny part of it all….. even a country, single track, traffic jam, when they asked us all to wait 1/2 hour, while they tarred a short stretch, became pure pleasure as I wandered along the shore of the, aptly named, Loch Awe….. my childhood haunt…..when I was 10 I would have definitely been swimming today….

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