distant thunder (12/72)

(working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Shobun’/ Spring Equinox 21st March until 4th April .
Micro climate ‘distant thunder’ 31st March – 4th April.

No thunder here. No storms. A quick blast of hail, a severe frost, but mainly crisp (often cold), breezy (sometimes very windy), sunny days. No rain though, so perfect for getting stuck into the garden.

The previous post, on my blog, titled ‘Turning it all around…’, details my epic efforts on our plot, but, as part of it, I wanted to smash up lots of collected broken crockery to use as ‘crocks’ in planters. 10 years worth of saved bits. I had thought I might make a mosaic one day, but most of it is quite uninteresting.

So no thunder, but the air rings with the sound of breaking pottery!

Thought I’d make a short film of it!

Love the different tinkling tones of each piece breaking. The one that did not break, the ‘survivor’, was actually quite a pretty pot, I do not know why it was in there. But it survived and, during this video, I actually found a little lid for it too.

So many pieces hold vivid memories too…the blue ‘fish’ design bowl was a favourite that my husband smashed as he stumbled, drunk. I also clearly remember buying this Easter Egg/Animal muppet mug set for an excited 7 year old, 8 years ago. How time flies…

Now it gives the Earth an eye that glares back at me.

I love the dry autumn leaves that blow through, in contrast to the sharp, white edges.

The really amazing thing is that, when I watched it back, I saw a tiny little butterfly flying through all this chaos! I clipped the video and slowed it right down. to try and see it better….

Still quite difficult to see. But it made me wonder.

Such resilience.

Also I have really been enjoying all the wonderful spring blossoms I see shared online.

I know I shared a Victoria Plum blossom mandala, but thought I’d share some pictures of where my young fruit trees are really at (in an attempt at accurate documentation!) … not quite the lush, rich blossoming loveliness that others are enjoying…yet….I planted all these trees about 6 years ago now so they are just babies really and coping remarkably well with the exposure here on the hill!

The blackthrorn, over the fence and down the hill from us, is beginning to put on a real show though…..

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