Turning it all around….

Today there has been a biting East wind which is our most unusual direction. I could feel it coming across the Siberian plains to here.

No rain though, so ideal for getting on with the garden plans.

I have been alchemizing the fire and the loss of the garage business into a kookie, recycled, garden circle!

Rolling om………

Everyday I have been working I have seen a big solo bumble bee, observing me. We nod to each other in our ‘buzziness’.

It is sited to the North of our garden and I hope that in time, as it ‘grows’ in, it will become a nice sitting area.
I certainly will get more actual produce, from these tyre, raised-beds, than I ever got from my wild, lawn level, circle, that was always battling the fierce grasses in our lawn! It always looked lovely in spring, but I had always given up by mid summer, preferring instead to let it go wild, throwing in pots and scraping back the grasses to let the light in to the fruit bushes! These small circles will be easier to weed and manage too. I have lots of alpine strawberries to transplant and seeds waiting to be sown…so hopefully by mid summer it will all look much softer.

Having placed the tyres, I learned it is necessary to paint them, otherwise the black tyre gets too hot and they would dry out quickly in the summer sun, so I primed and painted them.

I had, originally, thought that a fire pit would be nice, so played with recycled objects and rocks to build a fire pit…but have now decided that a spreading crab-apple tree would be better in the middle. It’s a permaculture thing… (interesting spellcheck still doesn’t know the word ‘permaculture!)….the tree canopy, in maturity, will help water the tyres and I can envision myself sitting under blossom some spring in 30 years or so! It will also help pollinate the other fruit trees on this patch.

I hope to plant a kind of rockery on the slope around the inside.

The four directions have always been very important in this ‘folly’…the entrance is to the South and big chunks of quartz mark the other directions. Two transplanted elders, a white and a red, ‘guard’ the entrance. I transplanted what I could save from my original , wild, patch (some fruit bushes, rhubarb, sage, chives, mint, rosemary, some big daisies and red campion that was coming up already.) The remaining tyres still wait to be planted up.

I recycled some wooden, barrel, boards around the outside which create other pockets for planting and will help keep them cool.

The boards ‘whirl’ clockwise.

For a moment I saw it as another enso. From birth to death. One long , rubbery, fruitful, breath.

After reading a bit about the feng shui of the North (not a great site for a fire!) I placed a small, metal turtle shell, I have owned for years, in the centre, until I buy my tree.

The box trailer pictured is what is due to become my tiny gallery. The plans are going well and I will be picking up the wood to begin the build next week. Mainly wind blown cedar wood, milled by a friend, and I am very excited to try and use an ancient Japanese technique, Shou-sugi-ban, to give it all some character. I hope to have it pretty well finished by the end of April! But we’ll see….

Half way through all this my son wondered if my new Nordic lavuu/tipi might fit inside it! Determined to try we gave it a go and put it up for one night. It soon became clear that the ‘dip’ did not suit the structure of the tent, but it was fun trying and a great chance to see if the open fire would work! It was actually very smokey, but that was only due to the fact that the tent was not sited properly, on flat ground. Looking forward to getting it up again.
My research into feng shui suggest a much better site for it, to the South on our patch, for the fire and tipi. A place with a big view and surrounded by a baby birch wood.

So good to go to bed tired and full of fresh air. My body aches and my hands are cracked and blistered, but I just know it will all be worth it.

The sap is rising and I truly am happy getting back to into the garden…..feeling closer again to this beloved Earth.

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