first cherry blossoms (11/72)

(working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Shobun’/ Spring Equinox 21st March until 4th April .
Micro climate ‘first cherry blossoms’ 26th – 30th March.

Been out in the garden mainly.
I am reworking our veg patch, using recycled tyres from the garage as raised beds…sick of the couch grass growing into my patches. It did look beautiful though, as I let it take over, but not very productive! And I’d like the space around to look pretty for visitors to the ‘tiny gallery’ in summer. Building a fire pit as part of the design.
Heavy work, but a great feeling, getting stuck in and moving this too long, hibernated, body.

Digging and sculpting my round garden of rounds. What comes around, goes around…..rolling om….

I also had several more surprise, encounters with the same toad! Wherever I move him, he seems to pop up again, under the plastic or rocks. Keeping an amber eye on the proceedings. I think he will be happy with the result…there will be lots of damp nooks to lurk in and I certainly saw many, many worms, most of which escape the slicing spade…so no shortage of food for him!

Our ornamental, cheery, cherry has been out over month now already, leaves now joining the blossoms, but no sign of the native cherry’s blossom yet.

It is the plum tree’s blossom that shines here today though.

Victoria plum blossom.

Another mandala arose…

This was made for the centre of the above mandala….but I quite like it alone in its complex simplicity!

I also put into airtight containers my, now dried, spring prunings of bay, rosemary and thyme from early March. I found myself singing an old, old song…which brought tears to my eyes in its new pertinence….all about the impossible things that men and women ask of each other…..

And now I am all caught up with these seasons….in 3 days it’s the next season, named ‘distant thunder’….hoping that we have reached the end of our ‘storms’…an, increasingly distant, ‘thunder’….

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