first peach blossoms (8/72)

(working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Kelchitsu’/Insects awaken 6th March until 20th March .
Micro climate ‘first peach blossoms’ 11th – 15th March.

This will be a quick entry. The time is flying along. I have not had much time these last few days to get into the artden. Life is complicated.
Thought I’d revisit some photos from last year.
We have no peach blossoms here in Scotland, but the gorse is beginning to put on a show.

See the thing is that this photo was taken on the 31st of March 2018 and I would say that it is fuller already this year…. then there are the crocuses…..

This photo was taken on the 2nd April last year. This year the crocuses were out and finished by the end of February!
The camellia outside the village shop is not far off looking like this now…but this photo was taken at the end of April.

Just observing…..

I was stung by a mosquito while meditating on the 15th. A mosquito…in Argyll, West Coast Scotland…in March! We do sometimes (but very rarely) see them here in the summer. Midges yes, lots, but mosquitos? Not often.
Felt like it was drawing my attention to something….

It is the gorse, however, that is catching my eye as I wind my, somewhat tortuous way, around my life at the moment. Whin, as it’s known locally. The smell of ‘slightly pineapple’ beginning to fill the air as the surrounding hills begin to blush with sunshine yellow. And then there are those spikes….watch out for those spikes. Those stings. Providing excellent dry tinder in this wet location, great base for homemade wine and a good protective hedging….

This photo was taken on the 7th MAY 2015…..I would say we are not far off this show now….

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