mists start to linger (5/72)

(working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Usui’ / rainwater, 19th February –5th March
Micro climate ‘mists start to linger’. 24th February – 28th February.

Japanese season called ”Usul’/Rainwater 19th February until March 5th.
Micro climate ‘mists start to linger’ 24th – 28th February.

Mists are forecast tonight.
The world is heating up….it really felt soft, almost like a summer’s day today….and the sun was shining. A truly beautiful day.
I felt to share a song I wrote a long time ago, so I recorded it, for this, using Audacity app. It’s raw and messy, (like me right now, so much personal tragedy and life sh*t to assimilate). It was written as a travelling song…..but as we all stride into the new unknown it feels fitting….

The percussion on this is two driftwood sticks I found on a beach years ago.

This song was written at the 12th European Rainbow Gathering in Slovenia, 1994.
There was a natural phenomena that happened in the bowl-like valley where it was held (in fact the valley was named after it ‘the place that swallows the clouds’).
In the evening sometimes, when the conditions were right, a thick mist would descend, so thick one could barely see your own hand held right in front of you.
Some of the Rainbow family had built a tree platform, high up in a lone tree. Walking in this mist, singing this made-up song, I bumped into a ladder attached to a tree trunk. Nothing else to do but climb it!
I popped out into the early morning sunrise…..the tree and I were all I could see and below me an ocean of cloud, so thick it felt as if I could jump down onto their softness. A truly magical gift of an experience.
This memory helps me to see that I must just climb out of this ‘mist’, rise above and enjoy the bigger view. Somewhere in everything there is beauty.
I had a go at drawing it today.

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