east wind melts the ice. (1/72)

(working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)Japanese season called ‘Risshun’ / the beginning of spring, 4th – 18th February
Micro climate ‘east wind melts ice’. 4th February – 8th February

In this city park my eyes fly to crows and gulls and sparrows
Crouched redwings and the fast moving clouds,
The trees that appear to hold us all.
It is the sound of the howling wind in the branches,
the bird cries and dogs barking, 
that punch through the hum of traffic and sirens.

City people scurry fast around,
hoods and scarves pulled tight around themselves,
closed against this icy wind or eye contact.

They no more notice me than the land they rush through.

All looking in and a-head,

Not out.

So I sing louder.

Kat Robertson February 7th 2019.


I was walking across The Meadows, Edinburgh. The sun was shining, but the last of storm Eric’s gusts were blasting this windy city and it could go from wide blue to dark hard rain in seconds. I spotted three redwings, crouching low in the grass. All totally still and staring south, in the direction of this bitter wind. I could not find any stories or mythology attached to them. They are considered a common bird in Finland.
Some of the city-loved specimen trees are stunning too. Elms have striking bark and burrrrs. I sang a few old Scottish songs, quite loudly, as I walked….no-one seemed to even notice.

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