Out of the box.

snowdrop mandala January 2019

How I love the innocence of simply not doing.
Limiting my movement and consumption.
Beginning to see the accumulating house dust as New Earth.
Aware of the difference between habitation and habitat.
A house is not a habitat.
It is a box that I habitually habituate.
My habitat is outside.

Spending my time following the links of inspiration. Like breathing. Not questioning what comes and travelling there, virtually, through the light of a screen.
Riding on information and wrapping myself up in wondering.

(woven together from my scribbled notes between January 8th- 15th)

It all began with the Sun.
Something whispered ‘Sun as female, moon as male?’
Now that’s a flip! But not unusual. In several cultures this is the norm.
I cannot help but feel that this changes everything.
Sunlight the power of all Life. More giving than the Moon.
Assign that to the feminine and all is birthed though light.
Earth and Sun both seeking connection? In relationship?
Mother and child?
Searched ‘sun as feminine’ stumbled onto the
The Lion’s Path by Charles Musaios.
The Bigger Picture.
Always devoted to that ever widening perspective!
It is, chronologically, quite spooky, as this ‘path’ described appears to directly correspond to the way I have ‘grown’ since relinquishing control to gut instinct and openness.
Loving the notion that I might be part of a Cosmic Rescue Plan!
And there it is again…the Tree of Life.
The Tree of Life has 3 main roots.
Sun, feminine, solar root, (on the left if viewed as tree), is red and connects to all memory and wisdom.
Moon, masculine, lunar root, (on the right if viewed as tree), is white and connects to all departed.
The central, and most fascinating root to me, connecting with the Norse giantess Urda and her two handmaidens, controlling all facets of Wyrd, is the basis for strength, foundations and understanding.
The truth root.

I experimented with meditating, as a tree, from the roots up.

Divine Timing meant that immediately after doing this I turned on the radio.
The wonderful Infinite Monkey Cage was on and it turns out that scientists too are also looking for these basic elements in the roots of life! And I learned that they have only been looking at this ancient ‘ladder of life’ for 20-30 years!

Still so much to learn.

It is becoming clear that the simplest and most powerful way that I can support Extinction Rebellion is by continuing to dive deep and share the celebration of the sheer wonder and complexity of our Gaia systems. I must simply follow my bliss.

Gaia is a round, circulating system.
Pondering ’round’ systems versus ‘square/linear’ systems. Round pegs and square holes.
Note to self:
Do not allow yourself to be carved into a smaller square to fit in and get pushed into a corner.
Stay spherical and fill the gaps with appreciation of the invisible. Stay rounded. Maintain roundness. Be an ‘all rounder’, reflecting the whole from all sides and always mind the gaps!

Concentric circles are always present in my meditation. Layers and layers. A primal elemental design. The eye. A tunnel in perspective. A path. A target.

All aspects invisible led me to gases.

I learned that pure oxygen is poisonous. It only became tolerable through the evolution of photosynthesis.
Bouncing back to the TREE of LIFE.
Transpirational! My new, adopted, word for 2019.

Next to catch my eye was Nitrogen.
Nitrogen was the first gas to be identified in the form of nitrous oxide. Laughing gas. THE cosmic joke!? Supports combustion.
Nitrous Oxide. A scavenger of ozone.
The opposite of YES.
‘No Life.’

But put together, nitrogen plus nitrogen equals dinitrogen, which makes up 78% of the Earths atmosphere. The most abundant non-combined element.
Nitrogen is one of the highest electronegative atoms, it likes to bond, and is also the lightest. 
Pluto (the planet) is almost solid nitrogen. It is covered with a visible, freezing, nitrogen frost. Perhaps it is the lightest planet too and that is why it got ‘flung’ the furthest?
‘The Lion’s Path’ refers to our present time as being ‘Plutonian’. Makes an odd resonant sense to me. A point in history furthest from the light. A dark time.
Nitrogen usefully binds with carbon.
Nitrogen is a short lived messenger. A signalling molecule. It moves freely across membranes. It is an important element of lightning and aurora borealis, those magical flashes of light.
I can imagine those minuscule flashes of communication, exploding constantly, in my body. Signalling. Such a wonderful ‘sight’.
It is nitric acid that regulates circulation.
The bends, confusion caused by coming up too quickly from a deep dive, is created by nitrogen bubbles forming in the blood.
It can fast become too much of a good thing!
And it is all expelled after purpose from the human body.
Mostly in our pee, as urea, and all the rest in our faeces.
Or it should be.
So many modern illnesses rooted in ineffective excretion.
Faint smell of ammonia. Acidic.

Nitrogen is essential to photosynthesis as it is a major component of chlorophyll.

Vital for soil health are the nitrogen fixing plants that have become my new plant heros.
Fixing, working in symbiosis with Rhizobium micro bacteria. catching the nitrogen in nodules on their roots. Lumps that bleed red when punctured. Remaining in the earth’s top soil to feed future generations. With their nitrogen rich seeds.
Beans, peas, alfalfa, clover, peanuts and vetches.
All the legumes!
Alder and Laburnum are examples of nitrogen fixing trees in this family.

Then there are all the plants that store nitrogen in their leaves, friends with Frankia micro bacteria, the actinohizal nitrogen fixers. The most effective of these contains such old, favourite, friends of mine!

Birches and all the rose family.

Nettles make a nitrogen rich fertiliser too.

My beloved lichens, the epyphites, also performing this service, in fixing dinitrogen and cleaning the air.

Feel drawn to peeing in my garden. Wonder what the neighbours will say!?

Mandelonitrile is the name given to the organic cyanide (another nitrogen compound) found in apple and other fruit pips and is the reason so many of their pips are thought of as poisonous.

So many elements all with their role to play…..in each tiny chemical bond the possibility of creation and/or destruction.

And all collected and manipulated by humans to our artificial benefit.

All the ingredients are universally in place to create microbes. The building blocks of Life itself.

Panspermia. Such an evocative word.

All the tiny ‘seeds’ blowing through space and time waiting for the perfect conditions to evolve.

We, literally, are stardust!

Microbes. Bacteria. Matrix.

Mitochondria, the energy cells. The masters of all universal life, actually contain a matrix.

All measured in planck length.

Infinitely small…..and now my mind is blown.

Amazing what one can learn these days while sitting still…..time to put the information to one side and assimilate all this knowledge.

Back to not doing and just floating, contentedly, in this particular soup.

And then I went for a short walk and saw my first snowdrops.

Such beauty.

And we bonded and smiled in recognition.

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