(Participating in 7 Days of Rest and Reflection as a Heartist! )

ohm spider

The wind came today. From the North. Cold and icy.
My boys went back to school.
Everything moves on.

Today I chose to just sit.
In it.
The web of Life.
In silent meditation.

The thoughts that arose were of ‘OM’, it’s meaning and why I love this Vedic ‘squiggle’ so.
The sound of all life.


I danced to the music from ‘A Tribe called Red‘. A crew of American Indian youth who bring the sacred sounds and ancient truth into the dance halls and clubs of the world. This to me is a good example of how real change can come about…igniting the youth….the future….seeding Earth love and respect for more ancient cultures through a shared love of rhythm and dance. From a true place of knowing, outside of words.

I wrote ‘ May the youngers of all Earth tribes, continue to carry the resonance of their culture within, and voice it with new power, this is the stuff that awakens young bloods….young braves.’ and alot about appropriation of indigenous wisdom and the peddling of it as our own. An issue that continues to irritate me. RESPECT is still sorely lacking.

We can explore and experiment with the remaining living Earth cultures, to learn from them is both desirable AND excusable, as it is to bring live tribal cultures into the 21st century!! ‘Keeping’ any people as little more than a museum is one of our greatest crimes and akin to slavery in my book!

I have no problem, though, with the fusion of taking OM and meditation from Buddhism, singing with the indigenous tribes of the world, dancing with them, arranging my prayers, for global peace and harmony, in ways that ancient ways (and religions) have suggested to me, adopting practises and fusing them into my own, trance dance, experimenting with plant medicines, kluning and drumming, for I also had my culture robbed from me.

A mixed-blood traveller, grown fat on oil and grief.

I became disconnected.

Seeking connection made me a curious human, because I FEEL something ALIVE and colourful that is being threatened by a creeping GREYNESS, and I KNOW that ALL tribes feel the same way. After years of gnostic exploration into this sensation, I understand it’s simple truth.

It lies in plain sight….

The common, alive and colourful, truth is EARTH. The immediate awareness of, love for, gratitude for, forgiveness from and mutual RESPECT is what is needed now.


Now, in truth, I recognise my heart beats with theirs.

It is our collective duty to explore new ways to express our love, through music and dancing together most powerfully, but all creative art supporting this belief is valuable and energetically aligned with this ONE LOVE.

The KLF phrase JUSTIFIED ANCIENTS rang in my mind like a bell.

‘They’re justified and they’re ancient
And they like to roam the land
They’re justified and they’re ancient
I hope you understand
They don’t want to upset the apple cart
And they don’t want to cause any harm
But if you don’t like what they’re going to do
You better not stop them ’cause they’re coming through

They’re justified and they’re ancient
And they know what time is love’

The Dance.

I could not find an image of an OM in a spider’s web online, which surprised me rather, so I made one up.

In doing so I also found this picture from last autumn….this seems to represent my tiny internal spider better! No organised, perfect radials here! Just very busy in a tiny area. Invisible to most on this web, unless one really looks.

tiny spider web

The day then evolved into one of self care.
I bathed and pondered ageing.
I have no desire to fight age. Appear younger. Correct, tweak, hack, disguise. I just am. It worries me too, this constant modern desire to stay young and healthy. The judgements and superficial opinion that fills our media. In a world of over population what space are we creating for the young to move into!? So greedy and only based on fear.

I celebrate my coming into Crone and notice as I do so that it is, most often, the older Western women who now lead the way in this spiritual, Earth re-balancing perspective, the grandmothers, golden age, self-styled, elders, who rush now to try and heal the wounds.

Such beauty in the wisdom that comes with age.

I look forward to returning to my online sisterhood, Treesisters, for the support and shared celebration of connection, I have been missing this last week. of deep immersion.

I did my Tarot. So clear.

Turning the Burden into Abundance is my way of Sharing.

My closing ceremony involved cooking a huge ragu and an apple strudel. Made with mindfulness about where all of the ingredients came from, gratitude, and putting so much love into its creation, then sitting down to eat it with my family. Cooking always helps me unwind.

So thank you 7 Days of Rest and Reflection.

This truly has been an intense and opening experience.

Deep Bow to all who took the time to organise and create this event.

Deep Bow to ALL life around me in this moment.

Deep Bow which brings me, humbly, face to face with all that I am…..all that I spring from….the EARTH.



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