Steely grey skies today. Everyone sleeping late again. Drank a pint of sweet, cold, spring water from the butt I keep on the porch. Below freezing last night. Drinking Water all day today. I still prefer the rock-filtered, crystal, sweetness of the local spring water to our rainwater collection supply. Drove the short distance to the sea this morning. It is not far, but the view point I was inspired to visit is only accessed by the main road and I wanted to take my wee dog. Stopped to throw some old bread out to the crows at our ‘crow-tree’. I could hear them ‘cawing’ out their notice, waiting until I drove away.
The viewpoint is accessed through a set back lay-by. I had not stopped there for a long time. The picnic table, that was then new, was now rotting and looking uncared for. Where does the time go!? A black bag, full of rubbish, with a yellow vest next to it, as if the litter picker had just melted, sat lopsided in the grass. There was quite alot of windblown trash too where the cars stop. There was too much for me to take today…I made a note to return there with a bag another day.
Had to remember how to ‘put’ the energy down into my feet, and trust them again, as I scrambled down over the slippy, irregular, volcanic rocks.
Found the perfect lichened stone seat and sat there for a while. I was blessed with a cormorant diving over and over in front of me, another (as yet unidentified!?) diving bird (perhaps a juvenile gull, but did not behave like one, bobbing and diving for ages!) and then a seal patrolled the shore parallel to me. I sang a song to the sea and then scrambled over the rocks, marvelling at the lichens and barnacles, igneous rock forms and limpets, as a halo of sunlight broke over the distant islands. So many patterns in our cracked, ancient, landscape…no wonder I am so enchanted! Tried to visualise the busy worlds below the vast grey surface of the sealoch. The glens and kelp forests beneath the water. Sometimes flocks of geese flew over, honking. Disturbed, on this still day, by the constant loud thrumm of the fish farm and marina, pulsing through the land and water and the intermittent roar of passing traffic on the road behind…so much quieter up on the hill. I baptised my forehead in sea water before retreating inland again to our still and silent home.

Retreated into my artcave.

So many sea treasures collected on my window sill.
Half an urchin’s perfectly dotted, sea- green shell, a sea bean, several Shiva’s eyes and some shark eggs. A Posidonia oceanica, ‘Neptune’ grass ball. And sea glass pieces. Such curved, smooth and rounded, satisfying ocean riding forms.

Fluid. Plumping. Sustaining. Rain. Ripples. Ice. Shards. Flakes. Icicle. Drip. Drop. Glacier. River. Stream. Delta. Brine. Loch. Reflection. Fog. Mist. Clouds. Transpirational!

Tuning into the flows.

Listened to Shelley Ostroff’s Rest and Reflection with Water meditation.

Such a powerful cyclic motion. I was caught up in it, from spring to river to delta to sea and ocean evaporating to clouds pushed by the wind to rain on the land to filter through the ground to spring forth once more….felt the presence of water in all space. Inside and out. Somehow easier and more intuitive than yesterday with Earth energies. Floating in a Super Conductor. Carrying memories. All in flowing motion. Whirlpools and jellyfish swam in my mind. Tummy gurgles on this water fast day delighted as a reminder.
The eternal motion was what I wanted to work with so decided that a video or a song would be best today.
Feeling extreme gratitude on every visit to the sink or bathroom, for my coffee (just one  naughty one!) and the cleansing pints of spring water. Gratitude too for not having chlorine in our water and our filter sewage system successfully, constantly, feeding my trees. Aware of the entire house being wrapped in pipe veins of flowing water in and out. Water as blood. The humidity of my breath. Imagined a body with no water plumping up its cells. Little more than a shrivelled pile of bones and teeth.

Very aware also of the oil related products I am ‘swimming in’ at home. Overwhelming when I really look.

I lit a candle and as I was looking for a suitable container I noticed the way a little water moved on a steel balti dish as I washed it.

Here was my celebration of the incredible qualities of movement in water!!

Knelt on the floor and filmed it ‘dancing’ across the steel as I listened to Lixin’s Mystic Voice chanting to Water. When I halved the film speed the audio was slowed also. I loved the way it looked and sounded. I hope that Lixin will not be offended! I thank her in the credits!?!

So here it is!

The hypnotic dance of water on steel. I love how it finds itself and joins and separates again and again as the environment shifts.

Shape shifting meniscus.

running brook ripples

Made a new water-inspired mandala too, from a picture of a running brook I took yesterday.

Fire tomorrow! Ideas brewing, but trying again not to hold onto anything too fiercely. Who knows where it will take me!?

Deep Bow to the Element of Water.



  1. Kat Robertson

    Oh Phil! Thank you so much! It was really irking me….now off to to learn about guillimots! Such a great name….perhaps it will feed into the ‘Biodiversity’ theme of the day. Happy New Year to you and yours!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Phil

    Beautiful – love the Mandala from the reflections. The bird is a Black Guillimot in winter plumage, one stumped us in Tarbert harbour a couple of weeks ago so looked it up.

    Liked by 1 person

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