I have always seen this woman lying across the hills opposite our house, since we moved here 14 years ago.
Inspired by a picture of  Nounou (‘The Sleeping Giant’), Hawaii, I thought I’d try and ‘catch’ her. Our own sleeping giantess. A goddess ‘watching’ over us. Peacefully sleeping, but ever present.

To me the ultimate belonging has always been to become part of the landscape.

Only then I heard the news from Hawaii! The first picture I saw was a mountain range exploding with lava in which I could clearly see a female form. Knowing a tiny bit about how land based the Hawaiian culture is, I felt HER POWER immediately! Felt different working on this piece after that. Then, again coincidentally yet significantly, I heard about the Kogi tribe’s (Columbia) traditions of women being of ‘black earth’ and finding our ‘mother’s and father’s’ in the landscape…

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