Substance mixed media (homemade charcoal, linseed oil, soil and acrylic on canvas.

The first painting I have done on canvas since I left art college….in fact this was a canvas from back then! My Mum liked it so much she had it on her wall for years!

Copying a master excercise Foundation Art, circa 1989!

But those ladies are no more, something else has grown over them!

This was  a real birth of a rock baby.

But wonderful! I felt like I was really working again and these mediums of homemade charcoal, local soil pigments and linseed oil intrigue and delight me. I am going to research more organic colour pigments too, instead of using acrylic. It just feels not quite right somehow!

I felt exhausted for days after completing her….although I do not think this painting will ever be complete…it just kept calling for more and more layers of life and lichen….could go on forever! Perhaps I might keep her and do just that this year!? Every now and again just add a wee bit more!? Until she finds a new home?

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