The Invitation or Wild Suit

The Invitation

So here it is.

‘The Invitation’

This image arrived with me through the ether and has been percolating for some time now. When the time felt right I began….the creation of this piece was very fluid and in divine timing. I had conversations, met people, saw things as I drew that added, morphed and mutated, gently pulling the image this way and that.

The only near disaster was when a big, black, drop of ink landed on the paper near the female figures feet….which almost instantly turned into her discarded boots and clothes!

I am hugely influenced by story telling, ancient fairytales and their illustrations, particularly the work of John Bauer and Heath Robinson so that element to this came as no surprise.

What has come as huge surprise, however, was the reaction of the group TreeSister’s, with whom I have been taking the incredible ‘Inner Journey’ created by the amazing and inspiring Clare Dubois. This is an almost over whelming free resource, connected with, almost, an umbilical cord to TreeSister’s more physical, real, work as a women’s, non-profit, global reforestation project. Their main aim the reforestation of the entire planet….aiming for 1 billion trees and getting closer everyday to that target.

Within it one receives access to powerful recordings by celebrated women speaking out re-our connection to our environment and our potential evolution, full moon gatherings, Clare’s wonderful, sacred geometry, ‘map’ (designed as a process to help us rediscover all our true natures) and a whole, feminine, discussion concerning re-wilding, the unwinding of all the layers of our societal conditioning and the creation of a new restorer species. This piece was definitely inspired by the inner work encouraged there and the entire, massively inspiring, conversation I have now been involved with since December. I simply could not recommend it enough to any woman (or brave man!) who feels the call of nature and the rising of the feminine (rebalancing) going on all around us RIGHT NOW! I often refer to their work as ‘simply the most sensible thing I have ever heard.’

I often am unaware what kind of Pandora’s box I am opening when I commit my ‘gifts’ through meditation to paper. The ‘doing’ is often followed by the ‘understanding’….not the other way around.

I am unable to share the rich responses I received from 100 or so women to this piece and its potential meaning due to the strict confidentiality of the group (which is a huge part of it’s depth and sincerity), but suffice to say I feel totally in awe of all of them and humbled by the diversity, real knowledge and experience within this group. I do know that when I dreamed it it was a gift for them.

If you have ever read ‘Women Who Run With Wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estes you will have a reasonable idea of the themes that are covered! But together, as tree sisters, it all goes much deeper. I am certainly not alone as a creative in submitting, Gaia-based, art, poetry, deep thinking and shared experience into this wonderful experiment and the ‘sistering’ support of this tribe of  is key to how I feel I am evolving as an artist.

But for the purposes of this blog I share this work as a stand alone image.

Below I share more details and some of the process.

I hope you enjoy it and find it as thought provoking as my sisters online did!

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