Earth I love you.

I have been playing around with the app Audacity recently and sharing the results with special interest Gaia orientated groups.

The initial aim was to find ways that I could harmonise with myself in my lonely, wee, boxroom studio/artden. I have talked to many other musicians who tell me of the magic of looping and ‘garage band’ etc…..but I simply do not have the technical know-how to work out how to even begin with this on my own.

So my son showed me ‘Audacity’ and I have, tentatively, been singing into my laptop with my headphones on! Still no idea how to mix properly, but I quite like this raw, simple sound with of lots of ‘mes’ singing together!

This was inspired when I was doing the dishes and realised that our wok had a lovely tone!

The real prayer made 4D!

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