Dark pooling.

Dalavich Falls March 2018 from Kat Robertson on Vimeo.

Dark pooling.

Rushing, swirling, frothing

Dark pooling forced into brilliance

by necks of rock

Fumbling, clumsy, seeking connection with my companion.

How am I normally

When I am alone?

I am seeking her and how she is experiencing this water falling.

My dog whines for motion

I wish the sun had shone for us

I wish that man had not trampled the far side

taken violent machines and saws to the forest

and poured their concrete into barriered

human ways since my last visit,

for now the fae scream out their protest at this invasion

Crowded on the very edge,

Raw the presence of man.

I feel like screaming too.


We scream. Drowned out and taken downstream.

Evicted from the forest, but river always remains untouchable

Need to come again in summer shine

and see their ardent building

bringing back to green

to water sparkle and balance

to dip and immerse completely in this rushing by.

Kat Robertson. March 2018.

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