It’s all about the egg.

Rainbow serpent

This image grew and grew in my meditations recently. I did a kind of doodle during an period of intense ‘hibernation’ and had, suddenly, a huge urge to ‘birth’ this piece! That is the only way I can think of describing it!

I had been drawn to creating rainbow serpent for sometime, since I encountered a Gaian proportioned snake in a guided meditation in December. I had ‘seen’ clearly a design with a serpent winding through one of my tree eye designs….but when I sat down to do that, this came out, so fast and fluid I was on automatic!

I was quite sure that I would learn more about the Golden Ratio and employ that as I mused the perfect egg shape too….

Too be totally honest it scares me a little too….I am not normally much about that Kundalini energy and all things ‘snake’, except, I suppose, when dancing when I love those serpentine, sexy sounds! I managed to live in India, often in the bush and countryside, for  a total of around 3 years, without ever encountering one wild. It actually would have been quite an honor to encounter such a magnificent creature, but it was not to be.

The whole feeling of the work is also quite a departure from my more recent style.

But I love it for the mystery it poses.

I named it ‘It is all about the egg’ as once, years ago, my son turned to me, quite randomly, on a walk, and said that very clearly….’Its all about the egg, Mummy’. When I said ‘Oh, why’s that then Donnie?’, he’d just gone back to being 4 again! It has always stuck in my head. Felt very profound.

An egg eye.

Creation perceiving itself? It is no surprise that there is so much borrowing from the Vedic traditions going on as I have always been fascinated by the stories for most of my life. This is like the Creation Vishnu tale, but bypassing the actual Gods and Goddesses…going straight to Source! At least that’s what I wonder when I look at it now. The opening lotus birthing a new way of seeing. Staring straight into the mystery. Dare I say it….the meeting of our maker?

I’ve picked up somewhere that the symbol for the Divine Feminine is a serpent eating its own tail? Could this be some deep subconscious yearning for a new story?

Oh I dunno…I just know it was me who drew it. I like it’s majesty and power and as I mentioned, it’s mystery.

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