This was a painting that I started in my Imaginal exhibition space, December 2017.

I just could not get back into it afterwards so it sat, staring at me, while I drew the rainbow serpent picture. I was not even sure that the insight or passion would ever return to finish it.

Then there was a short spell of real Spring energy in the air and I began painting leaves…dot, dot, dot, on and on and now its here.

Much of my work seems to have that eternal balancing of masculine and feminine as its theme…nice to see those energies having such a lovely time!

This piece was initially inspired by a black and white picture that I took of a beloved mature birch I pass almost daily in the car. In it I could clearly see the two lovers, intertwined in the branches of the tree.


In the spaces in between. That difficult-to-articulate place I love so.

It is really quite a big work at approximately A1. I have considered introducing colour, but decided to leave it simple and free….the challenge of working in ink direct onto the paper was enough, without ending up spoiling it now. One mistake and it becomes only more fuel for the fire.

The male figure reminds me very much of Pan, who has also been wandering the crowded halls of my mind!

I mentioned, in my January share, my reaction to the the whole idea of Panpsychism….which is what, very randomly, brought ‘him’ back into my consciousness. I have since rationalized that I do not desire to be connected with any way of thinking that supports the creation of artificial intelligence. My world is a strangling duality already.
I also fear that no machine/thinking race would put up with us (humans) for very long!
I am, however, very attracted to the atomic soup and relation to the inanimate tho….
Labels and theories aside, I was led to looking up the definition of pan- (wide view, ALL, a cooking pot, a way to find gold) and was reminded of this old friend of mine.
I have journaled alot on the subject, but am unsure as to whether this would be the place for that! So all that thinking is probably why he has popped up in the tree. The jist of it was that I believe more men should get back in contact with their inner faun and dance with abandon , along with Bacchus and Dionysus, (a kitchen practice of mine! Good exercise if nothing else!) and that a women’s lot might be very different now had the masculine had not ditched him for that deal with the devil so many moons ago!

So here they are Pan and his Mrs having a bit of fun in an old birch.

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