Rolling Om Productions presents ‘Imaginal’

Introducing IMAGINAL
Introducing IMAGINAL…

Introducing IMAGINAL.
An experimental art exhibition of paintings, video and poetry by Kat Robertson.

Rolling Om Productions creates an open art space in which to display the collected, ever evolving, works of local artist/alchemist, Kat Robertson

Documenting a return to dedicated art practice, after a gap of almost 30 years. Works all created between January 2017 until now.

ALL ARE WELCOME TO THE OPEN VIEWING ON TUESDAY 12th DECEMBER at 6PM. This will be the ususal milling around, with buffet snacks, but there will be no bar, so bring a carry out if you feel the need!

There will be daily spontaneous happenings and oppurtunities to explore your own creativity too. Interested children are very welcome.

Who knows what is going to go on in this space!? The artist certainly dosn’t….yet….but knows there will be lots to see and do.

Catch-a Carrot vegan pop-up has kindly offered to provide food alongside from Friday 15th – Sunday 17th (unsure what hours, as yet, but refreshments will be available at those times! Keep a look out for her ads!)

Other creatives are all very welcome to come and enjoy playing with the space as well! Its all up to our imaginal cells…….

There will be collections for RCK ( and Treesisters Billion Trees Campaign ( and 20% of profits made will also be donated.

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