EMBODY. Digital GIF and stills.

Oh my goodness where to begin!
Here I have been rolling o(m)n.
Creating just because I have to to honor my gifts and to keep me sane.

I live very remotely and my insistent sharing has always been my last remaining connection with the bigger, beautiful, spherical world outside that I used to travel around, before settling and becoming a mother myself.

I believe I have previously mentioned the non profit, women’s reforestation project called TreeSisters in connection with my Treeyes.

Well, they are also ‘running’ an journey of more internal, spiritual, evolutionary nature. Free and open to all that celebrate the Earth and sail in her. I have been following this journey and it has brought about an intense and very wonder full realization in my being.

As a creative I, at last, feel seen and soo appreciated!

For many years now I have been attempting to use the internet to achieve the almost impossible task of carving out an identity as an ever evolving, visionary creative with a message. It seems I have found my ‘tribe’ again, at last. This blog has always been intended as an online gallery for all the tangible, real works that result from my process, but no sales or interest has ever become apparent!

Now, through the support and belief of this organization I begin so understand that all these creations have WORTH! And there is a limit as to how much I can store while remaining a penniless isolationist!

Ironically theirs is not a platform through which I can market these originals and would not want to sully their incredible work by diluting their message with money! But I will be updating the about section of this blog explaining the above and making it clear that all the work here is for sale!

I have my first solo exhibition looming.
I have rented the small hall in our local village for one week and am hosting this totally alone and recruiting other like-minded, talented, local individuals to help make it really special during that week. I will also be posting more information here about that and for one week all my social media links will be devoted to documenting that event, however it turns out! A lot of new work will certainly come into being in a having a space like that to ‘play’ in!

I commit to supporting Treesisters in whatever way I can in return for the worldwide exposure I hope to gain.

Like so many dependencies in nature, I hope I will become just another lichen on their billion trees, while they get on with the important work of reforesting this globe!

I sincerely hope that my art will in turn benefit them.

I will be donating a percentage of all sales to their ongoing mission.

Much of my new work has been directly influenced by this new relationship. None more so than the evolution of this original drawing, used to create the previous ‘Buzzing’ GIF.

This is now called EMBODY, as it is my way of expressing my reaction to the powerful meditation of that name, that Treesister’s CEO, Clare Dubois, shared with the 10,000 strong tribe of sisters as part of her restorer species, Gaia connecting, Inner Journey.


The resulting stills also resonate deeply for me.

EMBODY. 'Growing on me' GIF
Still from the EMBODY animation. Now lost under more climbing branches!
EMBODY. 'Growing on me'.
Still from the EMBODY animation. Now lost under more climbing branches!

The last ‘still’ from this process is now a stand alone work in its own right. Not quite finished as I am intending to add more life and colour to it, but will share again when it is finished!

EMBODY. 'Growing on me'
Last still from EMBODY GIF. This still stands as a stand alone artwork. I intend to add more life and colour to this piece and will add to gallery again when finished!

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