There’s a firework setting!?

Totally blown away by my little, magik, Sony Cyber shot again!
I have had it for years now and have often quipped that it is ‘magik’ (it takes very good low light atmospheric shots).
I’m beginning to wonder if my sheer love of it (one of my favorite things) is giving it powers of its own!

These were taken at our annual, soggy, local, fireworks. Run by Lochgilphead’s ‘Round Table’.

It was amazing …..tho the forecast was for rain, at exactly 7.30pm, it stopped quite suddenly. The fireworks began. It stayed dry until about 3 mins after the last big flare and bang. Then it came down in sheets, hail everything! Soaking everyone running to their cars or home. Tempting to say that we angered the gods….I prefer to think of it as the Goddess holding off, just for us, until she could hold it no longer!

Hope you enjoy this firework display! Ooooo. Aaaaah. Ooooooo…..

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