Doodling on screens. Digging.

Digital image. Created in Keep app on andriod tablet.

Had a lot of fun this morning, learning very fast how get effects with a sketch app in my tablet! This was the best and final image on a series with this basic layout.

Here is a poem to go with it.


Digging in the rain.

Feeling the wooden, shaft slipping through muddied hands.


Boots leave heavy, heels in the sod

Crushing all to brown.

The weeds are heavier in rain.

Disturbing the slugs and hunting toads.

The daffodils swing from horizontal to vertical on springs.

The wind slicing gusts.

No birds are singing.

The hillside surrounds dissolving into greyness that hangs from hair.

When digging in this weather


from hands,

Gets in the mouth.

I can taste it now as I peer out the window.

On sunnier days the soil crumbles and surrenders.

The sun on my recharging skin makes it

Easier to brush the sparkling earth off jeans.

A rainbow of particulates, clinging to the tiniest, dirt-drawn, lines of my hand,

Satisfying to scrape out from under-nail.

Easy to catch the sun-worried worms and move them, gently.

Creeping buttercups, and even rushes, come free. A satisfying clod.

I fling over the fence, into the other reeds.

Birds are singing.

Today I am still.

No digging this bed!

Digging in my head.

Where birds are singing.

Kat Robertson. April 2017

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