Another quote from ‘The Transformation’ by George Leonard.

“The time has surely come for our leaders to apply all they know about structure and discipline and focused effort to something more than maintaining a dying and deadening civilization; for executives and board members of established institutions to seize the initiative of radical change, beginning with the painful and finally joyful process of changing themselves.
When a great culture dies in a vacuum in that aspect of the present we call future, drawing us towards something we simply cannot conceive. The vacuum will be filled. If humour and intelligence and compassion are to have a hand in filling it, there is little time to waste. There is little time for the painstaking work of creating a new politics, a new education, a new culture that starts with the best in the old – leaving off dominance and greed and narrow individualism but not respect for the personal nor appetite for exploration; following joy but not fearing pain.”

The Transformation : George Leonard 1972

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