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Flashes of brilliance.

  A vast landscape captured in the whitest lightest, Faster than my human eye, Every thing illuminated. Searing my retina with photonic brilliance, leaving me breathless with static, then back to black unconsciousness. No thunder clapped that night. Just a powerful jolt, … Continue reading

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Write to be free. Eastside Gallery, Berlin. 1994.

Originally posted on KATALYZOR:
(2016) The next entries in the diary are an incredible jumble of lists and ideas, thoughts and snippets of ‘caught inspiration! It is tricky to see just how to translate or share them. From the darkness…

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deadseedheadjungle mandala

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  CONSTRUCTAL LAW! Woh! This is it. Kind of. Constructal Law. This is what has been nagging my inner insatiably curious consciousness! What I have been trying to articulate! Perhaps best expressed by my old, photographic Argyll mandalas after … Continue reading

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I land.

  I land. You land. We land too. Two land, three land, our lands to me land.   by Kat Robertson.

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