Tune Out, Turn Off, Drop In!



That old, 1960’s, ‘enlightenment’ slogan popped into my head the other day and I, almost immediately, had the idea that it might be fun to create a wee gif that reversed it for a new, contemporary,meaning.

Having researched (Googled) it, I discovered that a few folk have been here before.

A clever take from 2014 in an article in the Huffington Post and interesting article on yoga.

The great Eddie Izzard had a play with this idea too…

“Just tune in, turn off, drop out, drop in, switch off, switch on, and explode!”
As I was in such good company, I thought I would also give it a go….as a GIF.
The making of this took me days and days.
 Mainly as I am such a novice (numpty!) at any kind of digital work and after hours of learning how to ‘do’things and perhaps nearing completion, I’ll just do something like press the ‘Don’t save’ on the important layer and then have to start all over again!
There is, however, an appropriate need for patience and mindfulness in the,very repetitive making of these designs, that I enjoy immensely and the sense that I am learning so many new actions/techniques in Photoshop, every time I attempt to create a new one, feels exciting!
I am very inspired by what I am achieving, however slowly, and hope, that with time, my gif making will become more like what I can actually see in my mind’s eye!
If I was do do what I would like to, I should like the last frame to explode out over the open page of the viewers computer…perhaps at 50% opacity…but it might take me while to work out if that is even possible!

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